Jenny and Rainie are the orphans of fashion blogging. Welcome to My Vicious Darling. Bastardising the genre without meaning to.

MVD are currently based in Tokyo, Japan.

The Resident Instigators

Jenny is a 20-something year old whippersnapper who counts her mum and Cesar Millan as her heroes. Sensitive to most things from fragranced lotions, disruptive weather changes and other people's auric moods, this doesn't stop her from living a fulfilled life and it shouldn't stop you either.

Rainie is equal parts loon and freshly minted designer who recently graduated with a BA in Communication Design. In her leisure, Rainie enjoys eating frozen blueberries and getting 'blue mouth', having the odd dance break to obscene rap music, watching anything and everything YouTube has to offer and enjoying the beauty of nature/Rihanna.

Navigational Notes

All entries that appear under 'MVD' and 'Diary' are haphazard collaborations between Jenny and Rainie. Comments that appear under these posts also reflect this. Think of MVD tagged posts as the main course, the Duck a l'Orange if you may. Entries that fall under 'diary' can be thought of as the side dish, that bowl of hot wedges that you didn't really need but couldn't go without. It's all so clear now isn't it?

For personal posts of the individual variety, please visit Rainie and Jenny's respective online diaries by clicking here and here!